How to Return your Tag Information:

  1. Emailing with the tag information and/or your photos of the tag.
  2. Mailing the tag information to Trevor Avery, Biology Department, Acadia University, 33 Westwood Ave, Wolfville, NS, B4P2R6

  3. Sending the information to the contact printed on the tag. However, this method may be unreliable if the tag contact is outdated.

What should I do if I catch a fish with a tag in it?

First, and most importantly - be excited! That little plastic tag kickstarts you into the world of striped bass (and other species) conservation, research efforts, and local science. Plus, it can help you win prizes and bragging rights!

If possible, leave the tag in the fish. If it is not possible to leave the tag in the fish, you may remove the tag. It's better to remove the tag than lose valuable information about the fish!

Record the total length of the fish, tag colour, number, and any other text found on the tag. It may be helpful to take a photo (front and back) of the tag.

Return the fish to the water in good condition. If you choose to retain a keeper, simply remove the tag!

Record your location, date, and time. All of this information will result in a complete record and enhance what can be done with your data.

Record how many total striped bass of any size (including those not tagged!) you caught during the same fishing period. This will help us apply your catch data to our population estimate analysis (read more below!).

Return all of the tag information to us - if your tag isn't already in our database, we'll find out where it comes from, and return the information to you! If the tag was removed, keep it safe! We may come and get it from you.

Fish Record & Tag Database

Thanks to everyone who has tested this website, tried out the database, and reported tags. if you created an account, it is not lost nor is the information in it. We are currently working on upgrading this site to be (way) more useful and user friendly.

In the meantime, here is a web application that will provide you with fish information for tagged striped bass.